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Three Simple Thumps to Release your Creative Self

It’s time to write the book you’ve always wanted to write, to play the instrument that is sitting in your closet or to paint the picture that you see in your dreams.

In your busy life, it’s hard to be creative.  Jobs, family, community—they all demand your time and attention.  Often they require linear thinking and Olympic-level time management.

Linear thinking and time management are great for managing your life, but they don’t lend themselves to creative pursuits.  Without right-brain activities, your life becomes dull and mechanical.  And predictably, the more dull and mechanical you feel the less likely you are to be creative.

Donna Eden in her book “Energy Medicine” has an easy way to unlock your stuck creativity.  Donna works with the body’s energies and her principles include those of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  By activating acupressure points and stimulating meridians, you can increase your health, boost your energy and super-charge your vitality.

Basically, you thump and stretch your way into feeling more alive and creative.

The Three Thumps

“The Three Thumps” is part of Donna’s Daily Energy Routine.  Thumping these 3 points makes you feel less tired and more vital, and supports your immune system when you are stressed.  Vitality is the first step to feeling creative.  Usually you do the Three Thumps as part of a bigger routine, but think of these 3 simple exercises as your portable creativity toolkit.  You can thump anywhere and anytime you need a lift.

thump1Thump #1:  K-27 Points

The K-27 points are versatile acupuncture points that relieve throat, chest and back pain, help you breathe deeply and help release endorphins.  To find these points, place your fingers in the depression above your breastbone, where a man knots his tie.  Move your fingers out to each side and down 1”—just below your collar bone.  You should feel a small soft spot.

Firmly tap or massage these points while you take three deep breaths.  Don’t worry about being exactly on the points.  Use several fingers to tap in the approximate area and you’ll get the benefit.

thump2Thump #2: Thymus Gland Thump

Your thymus gland supports your immune system.  By thumping the thymus you awaken your body’s energies, support your immune system and increase your energy, strength and vitality.

Place your fingers in the center of your sternum, about 2 inches below level of the K-27 points.  Use your thumb and fingers to tap your thymus as you take 3 slow, deep breaths.

thump3Thump #3: Spleen Points

The spleen meridian lifts your energy, regulates your blood sugar, removes toxins and supports your immune system.  Stimulating spleen acupuncture points lifts your energy and decreases your stress levels.

The neurolymphatic spleen points are beneath the breast, in line with the nipples and down one rib.   If you are below your rib cage, you have gone too far.

Thump the points firmly while taking 3 deep breaths.  If any spot is tender, take a little extra time to massage it.

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