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Typical Treatment Session



While most patients and customers come for relief of specific physical or emotional complaints, I also emphasize wellness and disease prevention and will work with you on achieving your overall wellness goals if that is what you desire.

If necessary, we can schedule a brief initial visit for you to check us out and make sure we are a good fit for you. Usually, these questions and issues can easily be handled over the phone.

Our initial ninety minute session will include a detailed consultation in which we discuss details of your history, reasons for coming to see me, concerns or issues, your goals and treatment plan, including recommendations for appropriate services and products.  You will receive your first treatment at this time, possibly of shorter duration or complexity than following treatments in order to evaluate your sensitivity and response to treatment.

Follow up sessions are scheduled for one hour. As I generally work with only one person at a time, we can utilize several treatment modalities in addition to acupuncture. The hour includes review of the previous week, discussion of new information, questions and treatment.

Treatments are typically given weekly. In the case of more serious conditions or to achieve faster results, more frequent treatments may be recommended.


Therapies typically used during a treatment session may include the following:


Acupuncture – with or without electrical stimulation

Far-infrared heat therapy – promotes healing and ‘normalizes biological processes’.

Chi Machine – for relaxation, energy circulation and pain relief, among other things

Gua sha – is a friction technique often providing dramatic and immediate relief of pain

Cupping – is a cousin technique to ‘gua sha’ that also moves blood and ‘qi’ energy stagnation for relief of pain or respiratory illnesses.

Magnetic devices – to relieve pain and promote healing, in office and for home use

Herbs and supplements – ancient and modern,  from medical traditions around the world

Shiatsu massage – useful on stiff, painful areas like neck, and hands, feet and face for relaxation.

Reiki – may be used during acupuncture treatment to enhance outcomes.

Liniments, creams and essential oils – applied on skin for healing and stress relief

Specially selected music – to enhance your healing  experience

Diet and nutritional evaluation – you are what you eat, so eat well.


(see section “What I Offer” for more details)

Massage clinic, Costa Rica


Referrals to other practitioners may be made for chiropractic, massage therapy, yoga, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hellinger Work and so on when appropriate to enhance your healing at deeper levels. I have many associates who are experienced and very skilled in these complimentary therapies.


You will be encouraged to ask questions if desired and give feedback regarding your comfort and response to the treatment to insure the best possible healing experience.


Please call for information or to schedule your appointment today.